Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL
October 11 - November 20th, 2008.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery is proud to present “Dark Skate” a site specific project consisting of nine photographic images by, Los Angeles based artist, Lia Halloran. These photographic images are an exploration in drawing, performance and photography in itself. “The idea of drawing with light is not new as a concept, but Halloran not only immerses herself in the urban tropics, but makes herself the instrument to draw” Richard Arregui, Co-Director Fredric Snitzer Gallery.

The works are rich in color density and contrast, with the movement of light streaking across and around the visual frame. The photographs taken in low light situations allow them to become self-portraits of Halloran’s movement.  “Because of the darkness and film exposure length, there is no trace of my body, only the line created by my actions” Lia Halloran.

These works created over a period of seven nights in Miami with the collaboration of photographer, William Mackenzie-Smith.