Hilger NEXT, Vienna, Austria
October 4th- December 7th

The American artist Lia Halloran presents her new series “Dark Skate Vienna” at the project space @ NEXT. The photos were taken during her stay on the occasion of the show/festival “Cash, Cans &Candy” in summer 2013. ‘Dark Skate’ is a performance-based photographic series taken over the past six years that combines long exposure photography, architectural spaces, and a trajectory of my movements on a skateboard in the nighttime to explore both universal and intimate relationships of the body and space. This series creates site-specific images that are photographs, performance, and self-portrait drawings using light attached to a fixed point on my body to illustrate the trajectory of my movements on a skateboard in the dark. The long exposure allows the landscape to be seen in the final image although the pictures are taken in the middle of the night with the darkest conditions possible.